Know About blue screen windows 10 (bsod) 2021 full solution

blue screen windows 10 – Before I tell you about the blue screen view, I am going to tell you something.

Friends had also been troubled by this problem for a long time. Whenever I started to work on my choice, then the Blue Screen of Death or sometimes the Blue Screen Show of Memory Management bsod started happening.

blue screen window 10

I tried hard but I could not solve this problem. Even I put the window again 2, 3 times. But within a few hours, the Windows Blue Screen Show started happening again.

Being upset with this, I did not run the computer for several days.
I have a website, I did not work on it either.

After this, I did a lot of YouTube videos to fix this problem and did a lot of searching on Google, yet my problem memory management blue screen was not solved. but yesterday I solved pc blue screen.

So friends, to fix it here, you have to take care of some important things.
So your problem will be finished.

system service exception bsod of compute

The first thing to do is to start your computer back.

If your computer or laptop is not starting up

then you have to proceed with the boot key.

After that, you have to reset the computer by going to settings.

After this, you have to shoot the computer back from trouble.

you have to reset the computer once again by going to the advanced settings.

In this way, you have to reset your computer 2 to 3 times. You have to follow your

blue screen system service exception.

windows 10 blue screen memory management

Even after this, there is an error in your system, so if you now have two RAM from your system, remove one of them.

After this, you have to reset window 1,2 again.

Apart from this, which are visible in your system, they should be removed one by one and check.

If your problem is still not solved. So in the computer of any of your relatives or brothers or any knowledgeable person

Change your parts and try to solve 99.99% of your problem. Friends, I did the same way, then I came to know that my Ram’s company was of a little low quality.

This problem became my solution as soon as Ram was removed. Hope you get a solution to your problem too.

Now you must know how to solve blue screen windows 10

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